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  1. hehe its cute! however I dont currently have the space for it and getting it down here can be a bit of a mission nways lol!
  2. That sounds awesome Carol! Will hafta remember that one
  3. Ahh just wanted to say - please dont run and stand in a door frame during an earthquake, they are unsafe according to my gdad who is a builder. Think about it it is just a hole in a wall made with some small bits of wood, which in turn is holding up the roof/ceiling... I removed the bit about triangle of life after reading around a bit more (shoulda done that first) - dont want to spread something that could be deemed as unsafe (Sorry). Google it if you are interested in knowing what it said.
  4. update: so the people asked me to trap the adult cats and then take them to the SPCA. They said they had talked to the SPCA about fix and release of the two ginger female mummy cats, the other cats were to be dealt with by SPCA as they felt fit. So with this info i trapped the 2 ginger mums and 1 other, took them to the SPCA relaying the message and they kinda knew what was going on just didnt realise the cats would be in that particular day (satday). I asked the soon-to-be owners to ring the SPCA and sort the rest out. However this morning i get this phone call form the SPCA to say the people changed their minds AFTER the SPCA had spent the money ($160) to get them fixed!! I am not impressed with the people and dont think i will be offering my help any more - which i dont like to do as it is the remaining cats who suffer! Those people have just used up precious resources that could have been used to help people who really cared for their animal but just couldnt cope. Anyways i will put it here - if anyone has a home for 2 fixed female ginger cats that are semi wild (IMO they would tame up nicely) please PM me or alternatively phone the Wairarapa SPCA. I imagine the price will be their usual adoption price. Other than that kittens are doing well. One has found his way into my mums heart and will forever live with her and be known as "Sheldon".
  5. I also hear the Southern Encounter Aquarium and Kiwi Encounter did not come out to well I know someone who managed to help rescue 2 kiwis from thea but not the shark and fishes...
  6. anyone know how the national library feared? I know some people who work there...
  7. If you are looking for someone or know info about someone in earthquake affected Christchurch use this: http://christchurch-2011.person-finder.appspot.com/
  8. BTW if you or a friend have a cat/kitten that is not desexed check with your local SPCA if they have a desexing campaign. I know the Wairarapa one does and it costs only like $25 to get cats desexed - no matter whether they are male or female!! It is an awesome campaign and is run thanks to the SPCA, local vets and council. It is held during April here. Anyways find out if your council or SPCA holds something similar! Update - kittens are doing well. They no longer have fleas thanks to "Revolution" although didn't use full dosage due to their size/age. Used "Revolution" as according to my vet this is the gentlest flea treatment of that kind. I had tried flea powder but it didnt work. The kittens are growing heaps, litter trained and eat well. They have been outside - accompanied by me and occasionally one of my adult cats. Even the 2 little ones are litter trained and eating jellimeat and even real meat (like ox heart or mince). The larger 3 are off to my local pet shop next week as the SPCA is currently overrun with kittens and has no room. The two tinies will be with me for another 4 weeks - hope i dont get too attached! Will be sad to see them go :tears: As for the 5 other cats and the chickens at the house - have no idea how the people are going with removing them. Will check in the next week or so as they have my live cat/possum traps and I will need them back shortly. Hopefully they have been pro-active and have trapped and removed the adult cats and made contact with the chicken pro!
  9. used to have some and then a disease in the tank wiped them out. There are always some in LFS here
  10. MarkLB - actually yes i do have a friend going down to christchurch to study, if you seriously would like one let me know and i will see if its possible I myself am heading through to Hawkes Bay for work (I think Waipawa, yep not really sure where i heading lol but can find out) so can possibly transport that far. However i am sharing a van and will have no real transport once i arrive wherever i am going! Stefanie - the chickens are still at the property and I am hoping that a local man down here who is a bit of a pro on chickens can help them out there. Otherwise they too will be off to the SPCA. The roosters have already been removed. Gave the kittens a bath as they have fleas - typical for kittens born under a house - and flea powdered and wormed them. BTW got a spider bite on my wrist as payment for rescuing these lil guys and gurls :-? 4th bite this year! Do cats "want" kittens IMO not really. I have a rescue cat who spent 3yrs of her life breeding in a park and was a great mum! Now she is fixed and is terrified of any kittens, doesnt want anything to do with them - she is not like this with adult cats. For those who believe that allowing your cat or dog to have just one litter because it is better for them and they look so cute, this is where a decent percentage of them end up eventually: WATCH IT ALL THE WAY THROUGH, I DARE YOU! Please be a responsible pet owner and spey or neuter your pet (perhaps not your fish though!)
  11. Stephanie - a friend MAY be coming through to Tauranga (if that helps at all) in a week or so if you are seriusly interested I can ask if they mind taking an extra lil box??
  12. Heres a pic of the 5 of them snuggled up - the one at the back is a little independent lol
  13. Just rescued some kittens last nite from under a house. The poor people took ownership of the house to find they had also been landed with 5 cats, 5 kittens (possibly more) and countless chickens. Anyways they were getting desperate and didnt like the options given to them by some friends of what to do with the kittens. I offered my help and now have 5 little kittens to look after for the next week or two until they are big enough to go to the SPCA. If anyone wants a little pale ginger (sort of apricot colour) kitten - males and females available - please let me know. If you do decide to offer a forever home please be a responsible pet owner and have the kitten/s fixed as soon as they are able to be! Will put up some pics when the internet starts behaving!
  14. come over to Carterton (Wairarap) and go to Sparks Park in Belvedere Road in a couple of months and it will be swarming with tadpoles.
  15. Whiskas

    Oh my lord

    my two male bristlenoses fought to the death - no i didnt watch it but heard the noise of moving gravel one night (tank in bedroom) and in the morning the new BN was dead with his guts ripped out!!!
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