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    Tropical fish :D
  1. Move. Trust me, the day you go to bag them up and take them out of the tank you will find freshly hatched babies less than 2 hours old. This will be the day that you are sending them to a friend to look after for a while and you will not get the joy of watching them grow up unless you visit said friend lots! :roll:
  2. My albino guppies often give birth too early, surprisingly some of the fry born with yoke sacks do survive.
  3. I have read that in japan they've done a lot of work trying to create strains with xy females and "Super male" yy males to yeild males only (both xy and yy) this is done so that while people can buy males they cannot reproduce the same strain. However I think they use hormones to help with this. They did get the idea from nature however. Kind of sits in the same category as the square watermelon to me. :roll:
  4. Clive hotel has had to close their kitchen due to a cracked gas main. Luckily the new head chef (On his first night no less) smelt the gas and stopped the idiot who was trying to light the gas. :-?
  5. Just glad we didn't have to play "Save the corals" or re-home tank loads of fish. Hope that Discus is settled by morning. :-?
  6. I got sent into a wall too :roll: was just going to bed. Now I will have to keep checking my tanks for leaks all night as I live above shops. Water on the floor but my only casualties was that a female guppy got in with the baby albino guppies and may have had some midnight snacks. Oh, and I broke a nail.
  7. http://scholar.google.co.nz/scholar?q=Gender+reversed+guppy,+yy+male&hl=en&um=1&ie=UTF-8&oi=scholart
  8. Just did a quick google to find that one but I have stumbled across a number of articles about gender reversal in guppies
  9. I've read a couple of articles about "Gender reversed" Guppies. Here is 1 about XX males http://www.guppylog.com/story/2003/10/9/23840/6712
  10. Keri Anne


    mine seem more blue and purple...
  11. Keri Anne


    Okay, so plenty of hidy holes and females are more territorial than males. More social when in larger groups. Females have black lines on edge of fins and males have a hump which gets more distinctive as they get older. Did I miss anything?
  12. No ideas but try and keep notes and a photo diary if you can. Experiments like this can be very interesting. You may find some completely unexpected results, esp in the 2nd and third generations. I crossed some Y linked half black guppies to some x linked half black guppies a while back and the 2nd generation is very surprising. I allowed the 1st generation to mate and separated out all of the fish that were not half black. All the non half black could pass for Endlers!
  13. Keri Anne

    guppy record

    Yes it was. Lots of plant, some floating, will help you save the fry.
  14. Keri Anne


    Thanks for the replys everybody. No, these did not come from Afrikan. They are descended from stock that Warren had but are not from him. The story as to how I ended up with them is no really mine to post. How big do they have to be before they are sexible? I have 4 all up. 1 of which is quite small, 1 is sulking, 1 is definitely a female and 1 is probably a male. It is the smaller 1 and the sulking 1 I'm not really sure of.
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