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Vanishing BN catfish


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:( Well a few months ago I had 2 adult and 6 juvenille BN catfish, happily swimming around my 450L tank. Fed them courgette, algae tabs, and always made sure enough of all other food hit the bottom.

Tank has piece of driftwood, plenty of plants and a few scattered caves.

Temp is ususally around 26-27 D Celcius.

I do regular water changes. There is nothing unusual about the tank at all.

I did have a couple danio's with what some suggested was dropsy, and promptly got rid of them. None of the other 50 plus fish have shown any signs of distress.

About a month ago I noticed the juvenilles were down in numbers.

Then two weeks ago I found my male dead in one corner of the tank.

Now I can't find my adult female. Haven't seen her for a few days now.

I suspect they have been eaten.

What I want to know is:

What would have caused my bristle noses to die off??

I thought they were a pretty hardy fish.

(edited a couple spelling mistakes)

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Thanks for the replies.

My female turned up yesterday, after many days in hiding.

She seems none the worse for wear.

Perhaps her curiosity of the new plec drew her out.

She's been trying to make friends lol.

Am happy that I still have her.

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