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Native Nz 1000 Estuary


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Hi, can anyone add/comment on my stocking list for a 200x120x40cm aquarium (I could go higher but im trying to make it a shallow thing)

1 Leatherjacket - Definitely want

Blue Maomao - Optional

Red Mullet Goatfish - Optional

1 Red Gurnard - Definitely want

New Zealand Demoiselle - Optional

3 Mado - Definitely want

Red Banded Perch - optional

Paketi - optional

Sweep - optional

Everything except for the gurnard, mado and leatherjacket is open to suggestions/change and im not sure of group sizes so any suggestions would be appreciated. (this list is too large for the aquarium size so im looking for help reducing this list) Also where can I collect saltwater/sand within auckland region?






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Changed it a bit as mado only eat live food, also dimensions are 200x120x60cm

1 Common Leatherjacket

1 Red Gurnard

3-5 Sweep

1 Spotty

Maybe blue maomao, porcupine fish 

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