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Im getting a new betta fish any tips?


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His tank is a 10 gallon with 3 bristlenose plecos. If you have any tips on how I can get this one to live long please tell me, espessially if you have a tip to avoid overfeeding which is what killed my other fish

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A Betta only lives 2 - 3 years so if you choose the biggest in the display, it is also possibly the oldest and may already be 12 months or more old.

How do you know it was over-feeding that killed the last one?

Bettas need a diet high in protein so live food is good or specially formulated fish food for bettas.

Here is a really good article about how much to feed your betta that should help you...


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I know that my late betta fish died from overfeeding because i accidently spilt food in the tank once and the his stomach was really big. 

Also is it fine if i feed my betta fish pallets everyday and dried bloodworms once a week?

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If they are pellets designed specifically for Bettas - yes.

You can also feed frozen blood worms etc but be very careful handling the blood worms as many (me included) get an allergic reaction to them. Wear gloves or use utensils so you don't actually touch them.

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