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WTB Betta

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I have a planted nano tank and I am looking for a long finned betta in the Auckland area. Ideally, I want it to be red/orange/yellow or some non-dark bodied colour.

I was wondering if anyone is breeding any halfmoons or something. There are a lot of plakats around but not as many longer finned varieties. I thought I'd ask here as there used to be a pretty active community and someone might know whats going on in the betta breeding world lately. ☺️ 

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hey have you found a betta- some good shops in auckland are new pupuke and also hollywood fish farm - as well as the other shops too

i dont know of anyone activley breeding halfmoons in auckland other then some of the ones on trade me (please be careful with some of these breeders - you can private message me for more info if you need)

otherwise in wellington we have a very young spawn 1.5 months old of halfmoons coming up - these range from blue reds through to yellow blue bicolours - but they are very small still and not ready for another good few months.

we ship regular and have a facebook page for sale - (Fish-Garage NZ)

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