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Aquarium gear - selling up


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I closed down my tanks two years ago and hoped to be going to start up again but it is not to be.  I'll keep listing over the next few days so feel free to ask if you are wanting something in particular.

Heaps of gear as listed below, most of it marine equipment but could easily be used for freshwater set ups.  Make an offer on it as I am moving house.  

Black Aqua One 28 -32mm tubing x 6 metres - used for marine water changes

Black Aqua One 28 - 32mm tubing x 5.3 metres - used for marine water changes

200 litre black storage barrell  with screw on lid.  Used for storing RO water but will need a good clean out.

Hailea immersible pump HX500 model - fits the black aqua one tubing above.  Used to pump the water through to the house for marine water changes.

Brine Shrimp sieves - set of 4

I'm in Epsom Auckland and pick up as courier is not viable in the current climate.








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