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Hi everyone, I’ve just moved to New Zealand from Australia and am getting back into the aquarium hobby after a brief hiatus. Hence my first post on this forum.

I secured a second hand 90 gallon recently which came with 10 juvenile ‘Flowerhorn’ cichlids which I have not come across before. As I understand it these cannot be imported into NZ or Australia, hence my ignorance.

Was wondering whether there are Flowerhorn keepers on this forum that could shed any light on:

1. The strain of Flowerhorn I may have (photo of largest is attached) and those available in NZ 

2. The best tactics to try to grow out and secure a pair from the 10 juveniles (largest 5 inches, with 5 of them around 2-3 inches. I have 90 and 65 gallon tanks to house them.



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