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Maxines killis - clown killi adventure


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  • 2 weeks later...

So 2 trios of clown killis arrived..

I have tank set ip as 9l with lids..  peat bottom and java moss and Indian fern sponge filter on low setting air ratio.. tank sits at a happy 23 24 


2 males four females. 

Eating golden pearls aND also baby brine shrimp since I'm hatching every day anyway. 


The eggs are too small to try and collect so I set up another identical tank but empty. I know babies can be kept with parents but I wanted to ensure gen 2 also. 


Every 9 days I'd swap java moss out of one tank to the other I did this four times then stopped for a few weeks.


 Baby clown killis are super super invisible hahaha... and I'm used to betta fry so they are small.  


However I started to see more and more fry hatch and will add pictures to thread. 


Think my oldest babies will be a month old now. And theRe is plenty there. 

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