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Black Copper


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What is the best female to breed to Black Copper Hm male? I have two one has Red tail and fins the other is more silvery with a little red wash through fins. Suggestions please. If I used a non copper female would any fry be copper or is it that you breed siblings from that mating together and then you get it in the F1.

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Copper is steel blue with 2 metallic alleles. So you would need a copper, metallic steel or metallic royal blue to get copper in the next generation. F1 will give all heterozygous metallic offspring, so choose 2 steel or royal blue babies and you should get some copper back. Easiest way to get copper back would be if you bred a steel daughter back to father you would should get copper back (50% copper, 50% met steel)

Hope that made sense lol

Is the "silvery" girl copper as well? Any pics of her? If she is copper I would use her, then youll get 100% copper

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