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Breeding rocket/hockey stick/etc etc pencil fish


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Hi I'm looking for some advice for breading this fish of many names.

I have 3 at the moment while I'm looking to increase this to 10 or more for a breading colony.

two have taken to each other and spend a lot of time together and regularly nip at the mid section of the other which i understand is courtship behavior.

but both of them look the same no difference in colour or size of anal fin both are just as red as the other.

both look well feed but should i pick up the feedings to see if the female puts on weight. I'm thinking upping it to twice a day of the same amount and adding blood worms once to twice a week instead of once a fortnight which i'm doing atm.

this ill be the first time I've actively tried to bread fish so any advice will be great.

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Long time no spawning :(.

Had some apistograma Trifisciata spawn in the same tank so while feeding them micro worms i noticed that some of the pencil fish put on a lot of weight.

This is also while doing bi weekly water changed and having a bare bottom tank.

unfortunately The current mother claimed the amazon sword i potted up and most of the java fern.

Will try to find some nice fake plants to bolster the spawning area..

Will post a PH reading tonight we have very soft water so i imagine its in the 6.0 to 6.5 but i have been avoiding checking it as it would make me want to change it.

So current assumptions.

They will eat really small things.

They need lots of food to get into condition.

Apistograma will take the worst place possible to spawn

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Wooo :dnc1: saw some spawning today but it seems i only have one gravid female so every male was pushing in and stopping the spawning so i've moved them into a small bowl i have with a prepared sponge filter.

Though now i have a whole bunch of wound up males fighting im glad there mouths are small.

the largest is trying to spawn with every one.

Taken Photos but lost cable to download them. will post them when i find one.

And yes that includes photos of the apistos and a very blurry one of some fry

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Picture time.

Ill start with the requests

Please ignore the copious amount of fish crap they decided to take up residency in the dead spot of my flow and i dont want to suck them out


The Father not in mating colours when he wants to he goes fleresint blue its impresive


The spawning spot for the apistos.

I was under the impresion they where open spawners but the mother really likes just under the rock.


And on Too the pencils

Heres the Gravid female


The set up close up


Out far.


The dabled light from the window seemed to have gotten them in the mood so i'm Leaving it open until they drop the eggs

Turns out the PH is more like 6.5 too 7 according too the test i really should get a proper test pen.

I'm thinking the build up of organic matter may have something to do with there sudden urge to spawn as i have feed them live food in the past with not much change. though will need to set up another tank and compare.

Bonus picture of my aquaponics system


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Its been crazzy went through 2 jobs and am now back at study.

unfortunately no luck with the pencil fish i haven''t been keeping up with the live food which i think is a huge problem.

but i do now have half a double garage to use. :bggrn:

does any one with more experience than me know reliable ways to make supper soft water with out a rodi unit.

then again if the rain keeps up i don't think that will be a problem.

Basically just here to say i'm still on it and going to bump things up a notch.

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