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Help, sick discus


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Hi all,

One of our discus that laid eggs last week has gone slightly pale in colour and is hanging around the top of the tank by itself. We haven't seen it eat today but it still looks like it has a full belly.

It is also getting a dark patch up the side of it's belly.

There are no other signs of disease or parasites etc.

We have added epsom salt in case it's bloat.

Have checked water parameters and all are fine.

All the other discus seem fine.


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The darkness spread from it's stomach very quickly after the photo and the fish died about an hour later. All up from the time he was noticeably sick it took about three hours... :(

Very curious as to what it may have been? All other fish are still fine.

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As above I am sorry. I have kept discus and many other fish for over 20 years and never seen anything like that.

Sorry for your loss but if anything positive can be said I doubt its a disease that anything else can get. It may be, as already said, internal bleeding or my personal guess is an egg got stuck and got infected. I had a female die from that a while ago but she was dark anyway so I didnt see any black marks.

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