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feeding fry


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you mean imfusoria ... bacteria in other words

appar it works well.. alot of people are skeptical about it as ur introducing a unknown to the tank

ur technically using rabbit pellets..horse poo..lettuce ..grass and letting the bacteria level get out of hand then go clear (which means its worked) so then you feed the clear water to the fry (full or yummy infusoria)

i havent tried it but from what ive read people dont do it much

even tho this is generally a way to make the biggest amount of your fry survive the first few weeks

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at the end of the day ... only the strongest will survive..

but if you use infusoria could you cope with a spawn of say 350-500???

even my spawns where i get 150-180 i find that hard enough to try keep the tanks clean etc

as they create soo much waste

microworms a good starter but i would switch to bbs after a week or two to give them a good go at growing

microworms makes them grow very slow as there isnt that much protein in them i believe?

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Yeah if the spawn are too big you'd have to cull a few of them and most would get stunted if they don't have enough space. I only like around 100-150 for each spawn and even then I hope that only the fittest and strongest make it.

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it all comes down to your care of them

as i have a spawn of about 60 pure red hms ...

and a spawn of 150-180 blue black hms ...

the blue black hms are doing way better than the red ones growth wize

they are catchin up fast to their brothers who are nearly 2 months ahead in age

culling is a good thing if you can bring your self into doing it...

but you never know how a certain fish is going to turn out

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hahah we looked at a house a while back... had a huge pool... ie was about 10m wide and good 40m+long

it was full of misquito larve etc

i looked at it and thought aloud about if that was heated it would make a awesome fighter tank at 800,000litres!!

stuff WC it tho lmao

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