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Have anyone bred African Nife fish?


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Gave up on Malawi's for now till I get a bigger fish room but...

Its been a life-long dream to breed these beauties, I had a female (30 cm) spawn on the back of a 60cm holding tank (while preparing a 2m species tank for 3 of them) That was 5 years ago though.


- Where could I buy 10 medium African Jack Knifes (the ones with the


- Does anyone have or know of any literiture or websites wich indicates

them being bred in captivity?

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any pet shop can order them in for you, it might just take time in getting what you want, :)

i do that for people all the time , and because i do it that they dont go in my tanks i dont charge as much for the fish!

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What shop are you from? Oh, I we can meet up at the North Shore Meeting, As long as it can be imported, I want to set up a 4 ft and start off with 5 or so! They grow quite rapidly, so I hope I will have space to set Up my 6ft tank by the time they big! Normly only a few get big! I've had little success raising them, one would always outgrow the others.

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that is normal with alot of fish one always stays smaller.

mind you in saying that a friend had a discus that everyone called runt (of years)as he was really small then one day i turned up and he was the best looking fish in the tank, he was bigger than a bed and butter plate and the colour was to die for so never give up on the runts .

yes come and see me at the meeting i will ask my importer about them when i order fish next week, 8)

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