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Swordtail Help


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Hi all

I sold all my goldfish in my tank and bought 4 swordtails, 5 lepoard danios and 2 golden algae eaters, plus 20 white clouds I already have.

I fed them today and noticed the swordtails didn't seem to know the food was there, I crush the tropical flakes and drop them on surface of the water and the white clourds and the danios went for them but not the swordtails.

How to I make sure they can eat properly? Or does it take a day or two for them to adapt?

Also guys Hollywood fish farm told me swordtails are ok in coldwater, which is my current setup, normally it's around 18 degrees now and gets up to 24 degrees in summer. Lowest I've seen was 17 just once, would I need to ad a heater?

Cheers for any help.

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I hate shops that give that information.

In that same shop I have spoken with the owner before and he ignored my suggestion. See my final point in this post.

It has to be qualified with the statement that "They are coldwater fish that can be kept in an unheated aquarium in a well insulated heated dwelling thru winter"

To me, a coldwater fish is one that can be kept outside thru winter.

Inform your LFS and I bet that they will say, "Well they haven't got a heater where they are"


Yeah Right.

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