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Figure Eight Pufferfish


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I just bought 2 Figure Eights last night off trademe (sorry A.PROPHECY)

living in comunity tank with eel,knifefish, plec, neons discus etc. these guys were adjusted to freshwater a year ago.

That is what they said in the auction, so they will be going into my 4foot tank with a pleco.

Does anyone here keep figure 8s and can give me some advice on keeping them? And have you got them in a community tank? I just wanna know what i can add to the tank. Thanks

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Have you got any photos of your puffs? Or do you know the scientific name? "figure 8 puffer" is the common name to a couple of quite different species of puffer including the palembang puffers that i have got. Once you know exactly what you have got then you can research much easier

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If you dont want the puffers, or they dont suit the tank, im happy to buy them :D

A nice sand substrate should suit them nicely, make the plant highly planted(way not want the pleco in there). Some figure eight's like to hide in caves, some dont. If the tank is not planted you will find them pacing up and down the front of the tank.

Good luck

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Just wondering why a sandy substrate? I have gravel in my 4footer and its a bit too much work to replace :lol:

I dont think it matters to much, i will be running sand when i get my puffers as some puffers like to dig into the sand and hide.

Just run stones, they will be fine.

Argh puffers are so hard to find!

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Mine aint for sale :( lol just wanted to see if i could make some profit lol...

:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

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Thanks snookie that was a good link with kool pics :bow::bow:


It says on some sites that they are brackish, and other sites that they prefer fresh water. On the auction it stated they had been adjusted to fresh water. Should i keep them in fresh water?

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if they were mine ,i would have them in low end brackish ,

but thats only my opinion 8)

they may live (survive ) in freshwater, but they will thrive in brackish ,

never know may induce breeding :wink:

pleco s dont like salt much though :-? , neither do many plants ,

but some do ok , ive heard java fern is good ,

only plants i have in my brackish tank ,is marine red algae ,

as i am high end brackish /near on marine

put lots of rocks , nooks and crannies ,

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Maybe i should set up a brackish tank...hmmm...i havnt had any experience with them though, and dont know how lol. Could i just convert my freshwater tank to brackish water with the puffers in there? Or isnt it that easy :roll: :roll: lol

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i actually grab my saltwater from the ocean , and mix with freshwater in a bucket , then test gravity /salinity with a hydrometer

only on water change though , when water evaporates the salt dosent, so just top up with freshwater ,

in the wild ,in estuaries ,mangroves etc.. there will usually be slight changes in salinity , with tides , rain ,etc..

i would test water the puffers are in and keep them in there , and gradually introduce salt , over a few weeks

marine salt NOT tonic salt

hope that helps , i am know expert , but this is what i would do ,and only my opinion :D

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Heres my new lil dudes i picked up tihs evening. They dont know what to do with themselves, they just sit in one spot. I think 4foot may be too big for them...And i think i need more plants.

The bigger one, which sits under a mouses ear plant.


And The Smaller one who sits in the corner.


Aint he cute!?!?


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