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  1. 4 x Juvenile Male Guppies for sale, based in West Auckland. Most of them are sword tale guppies, both top or bottom swords. Colour combos vary, a lot have yellow/black spotted colouring on dorsal fin. Anywhere between 2-6 months old. Also have Plenty of Guppy Fry (3-6 weeks old) as well if interested.
  2. Guppy Fry - for sale in Auckland, roughly 1-2months old. Come from an established community tank with Guppies and Mollies. Colours vary, and there is a mix of double sword tales and sword tales guppy parents. Male Guppies - Juvenile, only a few months old. Colours vary and there is a mix of double sword tail and sword tail available. Pictures of both Guppy Fry and Male Guppies available on request.
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