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  1. Hi Caryl, I love it because they are so cute and shortbody, escpecially when you feeding them hign protein stuff, they will growing very fast and looks like a 'egg;. I got some sorted Ranchu, and I will try to breeding this year, so hoperfuly i can get good ranchu this year and share with you guys.
  2. @Mieke7 yo mate, i am new to here, i hope you have already sort out the wate quality. What i suggest you is that removing the ornaments stuff from your tank, i dont think these stuff would need it, normally goldfish stay in a 'air tank' which mean only water. If you do like to put them in, you can put it back once your water clear. Washing your filter media, change the water 1/2 starting build the nitrifying bacteria properly. remember no nitrifying bacteria = no clear water. Hope it can helps😀
  3. Hi guys, I am new to here. I am Ranchu lover, would like to any topic related to goldfish. Anyone got Ranchu, can you please share at here? Cheers
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