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  1. Well, the guy at Animates yesterday suggested closing my ears to what they would be used for, and selling them to turtle owners... will try to find them loving homes first... they are small enough at the moment that I can still accommodate them all.
  2. Hi Caryl, thanks so much for your reply. I’m hoping to be able to sell or give away most of the baby guppies on TradeMe and Facebook. I’m just waiting for them to show their colours. My parents have a pond and I’m threatening to stock it with the left over guppies, even though they are happily living a pet-free life just now. If worst comes to worst I’ll see if the guy I bought them from will take some off my hands. And I’ll keep some of the prettier ones myself, although they all seem to be turning orange, my least favourite colour. I have a smaller 10 liter tank that I have now set up as a haram tank for the females, so hopefully they will stop having babies soon. I’m no longer taking any special measures to save the babies from being eaten, but as the females have gotten used to having fry around, and as there are lots of plants and hiding places, most of them are surviving regardless. Any other tips for rehoming? Alana
  3. Hi, I got my first guppies a couple of months ago. Two females arrived pregnant, and now I have around 20 6-week old fry and 20 1-week old fry. I’ve been doing as much research as I can, but I have two questions I can’t find answers to. I’m hoping someone here can help me out. 1. I’ve read that it’s good to fast the adults one day a week to prevent swim bladder issues. I’ve also read that fry need to eat several times every day. At what age is it okay for fry to be fasted for one day? 2. I recently put some spinach in the tank to try to catch some nuisance snails. The snails didn’t fall for it, but the guppies LOVED it. So I’d like to give them more veggies, but I’m worried about over feeding them. If I give them veggies should I not feed their usual pellets or flakes that day? Or if in addition, how frequently should I give them veggies? Just as a treat once a week, maybe? Thank you so much for your help. 😊
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