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    Do you know of any locations you can find giant kokopu near the top of the south island? I've looked everywhere but no luck. Got pretty much every type of more common galaxias EXCEPT giant kokopu rip
  2. Ok, cool. I did some more research and found a type of dwarf galaxias that looks like mine, however it's behavior looks very different as it seems to like hanging out on the bottom and not doing much as seen in a lot of the pictures I saw, and mine is very active and seems to hang mid tank, however this behavior could be induce by it schooling with the other whitebait. This is the Australian dwarf galaxias and is the reason why I didn't think mine was one (They look very cool by the way): Image from: https://www.swifft.net.au/cb_pages/sp_dwarf_galaxias.php This is the New Zealand one (It appears there are actually many different species of galaxias called the Dwarf Galaxias, which is silly if you ask me but whatever): Image from: https://www.rodmorris.co.nz/New-Zealand-Freshwater-Fish/New-Zealand-Freshwater-Fish/i-L3dhT8H/ My Galaxias's spots are beginning to change and look slightly more like this but it still looks pretty different if you ask me, just the patterns look close-ish as well as the colour. Edit 2: Went home and took this photo, the spots are definitely more vivid in colour now, but the patterns are still nothing like dwarf galaxias. EDIT: This fish could become very hard to identify if it is indeed a dwarf galaxias, as there are a lot of very similar species with very few differences
  3. Okay, well at first we caught them from a large shoal of young fish. We thought that they were Inanga as they are common, are (fairly) small and form large shoals but it turned out that it was a large shoal of different species, we only discovered this after acclimatising them to the tank as only then were we able to properly see their patterns. I just also did a google search for Dwarf Galaxias but I dont think it's them as they're much more colourful and look to be smaller in size than my fish currently is, however in the related species section I found a picture if a fish that looks quite similar to mine (Galaxias olidus). Still not sure if this is it since the patterns are more dense but it looks close. I suppose it could also be a Spotted Galaxias, however I'm not sure if they are in New Zealand or not, aswell as the spots on the fish being smaller and further apart. Picture of Galaxias olidus attached below. Image from: https://fishesofaustralia.net.au/home/species/3677#summary Also on a second look my fish and this do look quite different, but I'll keep the image here for reference
  4. Okay, Thanks. Would be cool to finally find out what it is!
  5. I don't think so, they are more stripey like a banded than spotted, this one definitely has vivid spots. It could be though, I'm no expert.
  6. Hey there, A while ago I caught some wild galaxias and this is one of them. They were captured just outside of the Abel Tasman reserve at Marahau (I know one is an Inanga/Common galaxias and one is some sort of kokopu (probably banded)) but the third one I have no idea as to which species it is. Picture attached, if anyone knows don't hesitate to reply! Also, yes, I am keeping these with "tropical" fish in an unheated tank.
  7. QRSamuel

    Mantis Shrimp

    I don't think you would be able to buy the colourful ones in new zealand, as if they didn't die in our cold ocean water they would pose an environmental threat to our native one, however I am not sure. I know we do have a native species (I have found them washed up on the beach once or twice) but I don't think they would be offered in pet stores due to their special requirements and lack of bright colours, however you should be able to find one if you have a hunt at your local beach. Also maybe this should have been posted in the saltwater section. EDIT: woops didn't realise how old this thread was, sorry.
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