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  1. UPDATE: SOLD For sale - 4 x Betta Females -Black HMPK @ $10 each. No.1-3 and No.5 1 x female or possibly a male (hard to find egg spot) Black HMPK @ $5. No.4 I have 4 female black half moon plakat bettas I can no longer have in my tank. (Told by breeder parents were black half moon male, and multi colored plakat female). Would love for all to go together ideally. They are about 6mths old, brought from local breeder in Wellington. Colours are black base with either teal, blue/purple or white. Smallest one was my latest addition to make up numbers. About 3mths old. Colour is black base with red. Pickup Upper Hutt, Wellington. No shipping sorry.
  2. Topflite Gravel Pepper Coloured 4-6mm size There is about 15+ kgs just come out of tank. Had since January this year, brought new. Changing to a black gravel hence why im selling. Pickup Upper Hutt
  3. HAS BEEN REHOMED Anyone in Wellington have any German Blue Rams they would like to add 1 more to their collection? I had a pair which the male passed away and now my last one is acting lost and submissive. I don't plan on getting any more as have still two bolivan rams that I will just keep. Would like it to go to its new forever home. Pickup would be Upper Hutt
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