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  1. Would you be interested in three adult inanga, an adult redfin and a juvenile redfin? All urgently needing a home.
  2. Not only beautiful but so full of charactor. And seeing a redfin go from normal colours, as in the photo, to inky black in seconds is something to behold!
  3. Sadly needing to part with my native freshwater setup. My setup is an Aqua1 250L tank on plinth, though I run about 180L with rocks. That was $300. Custom made backdrop with planter $300. Eheim Classic 1000L/hr filter $490. Arctica chiller $1360. Eheim pump 1400-2100L/hr $330. Step down transformer for chiller $70. Total setup $2,850 plus. Would take $2,250. All about a year old. Hoses, intakes, etc included. Fish include three adult inanga, adult male redfin bully and juvenile redfin. All quarantined, water fully cycled. Fish and rocks from Wainui River, Southern HB. Hastings pickup only.
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