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  1. Duke

    Aquarium computer

    How is this system going? An update please?
  2. Duke

    LOTS OF PICS-show us

    Reef I love this clamasanemoesrosie sp. Does it live in the shell? and then move to another when its too big? tell me more?
  3. standard turd brown....
  4. This is the same problem I am having. I use a small ehim pump, the smallest and when I turn the drip rate down it stops. good work. but I need to know where to get one in NZ
  5. Wasp where did you purchase the pump? From Reef?
  6. Wow talk about nice.... a tank like this seems like a dream only
  7. Look very nice. DOuble the flow and adding more light? Watch that power bill go...
  8. How often do you all claen youe return / CA / Skimmer pumps and when you do how do you do it? Mine are coming up 12 months in a few months for my new tank... I like the idea of doing nothing but I'm sure there is a better option.
  9. Well they are still there in more numbers. I have been doing good water changes and vacumming the sand weekly for a couple of weeks. Good haviong a large water supply under the house.
  10. Duke

    blu coral method

    very nice tank.
  11. Duke


    Do not like much use except the light thing but my streams make quite a lot of water movment on the surface. Not like this though.
  12. Yep thanks to wasp I have purchased a CO2 tank months ago and refill is $10...... got to be good.
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