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  1. Hello everyone, Im looking to buy a female hermans tortoise or a pair (but preferably just a female) Ive built a huge outdoor enclosure (photos to co.e when its light outside) and I've been waiting nearly 5 years to find one (Unfortunately I just found this website) Any help or advice would be very much appreciated Thanks everyone.
  2. hey there, Did you have any luck finding another female Hermans ? I'm currently looking for one (& have been for nearly 5 years) so any help would very much be appreciated thanks.
  3. Hello everyone, I am looking to buy a female Herman's tortoise. If anyone knows anybody who may be interested in selling a female I'd be very interested to hear from them. We have a huge outdoor garden enclosure all ready and set up for a female so if anyone could help it would be amazing. Thanks so much. We may even be interested in a pair but would prefer to just have a female, The enclosure is perfect for more than one too though.
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