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  1. Hey all, if anyone is still interested this is now on trademe. Listing #2854323270
  2. Hey all, sadly getting out of the hobby, everything must go. This tank comes with everything, cabinet, gravel, log, 100w heater, ornaments, extra filter media, hose, pH testing kit. + More $300 ono Pickup from Silverstream, Upper hutt. Also selling separately a trio beta tank a fluval flex 57L PM for details.
  3. Hey I'm selling my flex it's about 1 year old, been such a great tank for me, it has great lighting for my planted setup, but just had to upgrade to a larger tank. This tank is the same one as https://www.animates.co.nz/fluval-flex-57l-curved-glass-black-aquarium.html looking for about $90 ono. Pickup only from Upper Hutt.
  4. Yeah, I do have a bigger tank but we don't have enough space to put it where we want. We sold a 1x.5x.5m tank. The one we have is not much smaller its about 0.8m wide we will sell that and look to buy a tank no wider than 0.5m height and depth are not an issue.
  5. Hello, My wife and I are starting again with fish keeping, we had a large planted tank a while ago but were unable to take good care of it and had to sell it on, so we decided after a visit to animates for Dog food none the less to start again, we are starting small have acquired a 20L tank and plan on planting it out a getting some guppies and go from there. So far we are conditioning the water, I have managed to get back some Java Moss I gave to a friend. Just looking for some more plants and a small heater. Not much to look at yet but if anyone is interested I will post some photos once I have it planted. Dan
  6. Hi, I'm starting up a new small tropical tank only 20L I will upgrade a some point but at the moment I am looking for some smaller plants that wont overtake the tank. I would like something for ground cover like Microsword, and a foreground plant like Indian Fern or Java Fern. I have Java Moss so far. Thanks, Dan
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