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  1. Jason1989

    L numbers

    Hey guys what L number pleco does every1 have? Post up some pics of your Cats! Even whiptails and other cats.
  2. I live in rockhampton qld in aus and we got hit head on by a cat5 cyclone named Marsha. Wish I had read some stuff like this b4 hand. We all think yea that will never happen to me. I was 1 of them people. We had power cut 4 6days and I had a shed full on tanks!! Was a wild 6days that's 4sure. So I def believe people should take the time to read and be ready for this kind of thing. Still just getting everything sorted from the cyclone. Please everybody be ready for a worst case kind of event!
  3. Jason1989


    Yea she still breeds a heap of nice fish. Any1 bin able to breed the L200 that you guys no of?
  4. Jason1989


    Yea that's very tru. There are afew big breeders over here and I'd say 1 of them would have afew of them. I read a breeding thing awhile ago where a guy had afew in a tank and 1day found a fry in his sump.. Was a little unsure about it as it was never updated and the little catfish could have bin anything really but what he said about the tunnels was a good read. Some1 may have2 have ago 1day
  5. Jason1989


    Haha whos ur biggest rival team? What's the most expensive pleco in nz cam?
  6. Jason1989


    Not even allowed them here. Seen a thing on the news afew days ago a guy from Singapore had $230,000 worth of pleco in is bag all royals from what I could c in the photos and maybe red tail cats from what some1 said. The fish are all being killed but they went to afew of the guys mates places here in aus and found an Asian arow at 1 of the houses that was also taken and will be destroyed. Huge shame I was thinking maybe send all fish to a zoo or big aquarium but nope. I seen a banjo catfish today 4sale price was.. Wait 4 it... $300!!! Haha cam I'm going to need your help when I get home so please don't let me pay that kinda price. Urs would be worth a house dept!
  7. Jason1989


    $400 is super cheap I was thinking they would be around the$750 mark. Little off topic here but every country seems to have that big dollar pleco here in aus it's the royals prices are $100+ per cm of the fish. What's the big price fish there in nz? Guess it's a strange question but just putting it out there..
  8. Jason1989


    Hey guys are there many of these around in nz? Im moving back to nz later in the year so bin looking around 4awhile to see what's around but I don't seem to see many at all. Are there many people breeding them and what's the sort of going rate for these fish? I'm a huge pleco fan and these fish have bin on my to keep list for many years now. Looking at a few of the pleco posts on here you guys have some amazing fish!! Can't wait to start my own little collection
  9. It seems like the 1st week or so they always hang on the sides or on something in the tank so don't often go to the bottom so doing this was the best way I found. What's some other ways people are growing fry? I use this 4 royals and red lizards.
  10. Yup that way the were always sitting on food and seems to work great for me. Then when they got a little bigger I feed Spirulina flake crushed up fine. I didn't water change 4the 1st week as that seems to hit the little guys hard.
  11. I had a lot of die offs in the start as the fish done seem to move a lot to feed. So I got a 2nd tank 2ft long by 25cmx25cm put it outside and filled it with water and wood. I changed that water once a week. After about a month I had a new bunch of eggs in a pvc pipe. At the day of hatched I took the little tank inside filled it with water from the main tank put in 2 airlines and dropped the eggs in. 100% of the fry lived. So bin doing this ever since and seems to work a treat. I now has 3 of these little tanks rotating them round to get the green stuf growing in them. Hope this can be in some way helpful
  12. Iv worked out an awesome way of keeping my whiptail fry alive. Close to a 90% grow out rate so im very happy with that. I move back to nz in sept this year so will be on the hunt for some nice whiptail when I get back oh and pleco of corse!! You guys are very lucky with some of the fish you are able to keep! And the price u pay is very good. Would love to see some more photos of every1s pleco and whiptail so feel free to pop up a photo or 2 guys
  13. Beautiful fish!! I'm breeding red lizards at the mo. 2m 4f in PVC but having a huge issue with to many females trying to breed with the 1 male so eggs get eaten commons breed hard. I feed the fry that decap brine and hate huge success doing that. Would love to c some1 Breed the blacks again. I found what I believe they are when looking at some German sights in the weekend they call them rineloricaria lanceolata 'black' also have red..
  14. That's who it was!! Are they still around do you no?
  15. Hey guys what types of whiptails are there available in nz? I no there are royals twigs panda common and reds but are there anymore? Years ago I had some that I was told were blacks they looked like a royal but as the name says were black.. And from the same seller I also got some whites. These looked more like commons but once again as the name states were white. The fish were on trade me and from up north I believe. I haven't seen them again since. Anyone no who it was selling these?
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