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  1. Hi, I'm in Hamz to. Would love to meet and talk to more Hamilton fish lovers. I have an 120lt guppy tank and just starting out in fighters. I am getting my first fighter nxt week. Am looking for a female now.
  2. Hi. I am just getting into fighter's. They are awesome. Hoping to get myself a breeding pair. Anyone near Hamz got any for sale??
  3. Hi does anyone no if you get buy New Zealand green Gecko's and were you can get them from??
  4. It only a baby. It will be going to own tank soon. Would it handle a salt water treatment??
  5. Hi, can you do the salt treatment on guppies and an axolotl?? I had my kribs in wiv them but now have isolated them in own tank and have put the salt in. Need to do it to tank they came from. Will it be safe for my guppies and axolotl??
  6. Krisy

    Koi Guppy

    Hi, does anyone no where i can get some different types of guppies?? I currently have some Albino, Snakeskin, tuxedo and couple other cool looking ones ( not sure of breed ). Love to get some neons, mosaic, moscow, platnium. Anything that has amazing colour and tails.
  7. Hi, I have just started keeping Cichlids. I currently have a pair if Kribensis. I am wanting to get more Dwarf Cichlids. Does anyone no types that cannot live together?? Any ideas on how to build a happy place for them to live. I no i need lots of holes and caves for them to hide in. Are river rocks ok to use??? Any suggestions will be great help thanks.
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