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  1. I got aquaworld to import it for me. I also entertained the idea of hiring a quarantine tank, that way you get to choose exactly which farm you want to buy your fish from. However i think it's more straight forward to ask somebody with quarantine facilities to import a fish for you.
  2. Adrienne, it's somewhere between 250 and 300mm, eating hikari sticks and prawns. David, it's a "24k cross back golden", (such a tacky name, especially the "24k" haha). Supposed to be a gold-base fish, but I'm starting to think maybe it's a blue-base, given such a prominent blue hue even with light background. Fish is from a Singaporean farm. This fish is not from redwood aquatics.
  3. It is a golden arowana according to the farm where it was bred.
  4. Just wanted to share a couple of pictures. All pictures taken under natural sunlight only. Enjoy!
  5. Sorry to revive such an old thread. I was wanting to get a asian arowana earlier this yr but life got in the way so didn't end up getting one. I'm once again looking for an asian arowana. 1. Anybody keen to jointly buy arowanas to save on shipping and split quarantine fees? 2. Anybody know of retailers in nz who can get in asian arowanas? Approx how much would an RTG cost if bought from a retailer in nz? Thanks
  6. Thanks for the advice. To be honest I'm not too fussed on the colour. For the same price I'd probably take a green with what I think is a nice body shape over a red with a slightly poor body shape (blasphemy, I know ) How did you manage to source your green David R?
  7. Really? I don't think they do greens. Correct me if I'm wrong but i'm pretty sure they only do golds and reds
  8. Hi, I'm looking to get an asian arowana. Looking for maybe a Green. Willing to pay up to 1k. How do I go about sourcing one? Thank you!
  9. tetra_nz

    New 3ft Marine

    The kh and pH should not have changed in response to your removing rock. kh depletes gradually with time, and I think your low pH is the result of the low kh. Your pH is critically low at the moment so you better do something about that! So you are going to have 2 tanks now? Or you transferring everything to the new tank?
  10. tetra_nz

    New 3ft Marine

    If you don't plan to overstock (for 80L) I see no problem cutting down the rock by 30%.
  11. tetra_nz

    New 3ft Marine

    Like the scape, but if I were you I would make sure none of the rock is touching the glass. Coralline alage will grow on the glass, and having rock placed closely to the glass will make scraping very tricky.
  12. tetra_nz

    New 60l

    Interesting setup! So what's the plan for livestock?
  13. After rock displacement etc you could keep one small fish like a fire goby, but not a bigger fish like an ocellaris clown. Unless you are willing to test parameters almost every, don't add corals. 10g of water will not remain stable enough. It's much easier to start off with a bigger tank.
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