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  1. All good now. Tortoise@hotmail has contacted me.
  2. Yes she has been on this forum as "me" and l did have her phone number but lost it. If anyone know how to contact her please PM me Thanks
  3. Hi, does anyone know how to contact tortoise@hotmail.co.nz. I have tried but haven't received a reply. Maybe she has gone on holiday?
  4. Hi Are you able to contact me. Thanks
  5. No l am going to build a tortoise enclosure and would like to know what is the best type of grass/plants to grow in the enclosure on the ground.
  6. My tortoise spends his day in an enclosure on the lawn. I am thinking of building a new tortoise enclosure near the garden. Does anyone have any advice/pictures. I am interested on what type of grass/wild flowers to grow in the enclosure. The enclosure will be approx 50 square meteres. Thanks
  7. Yes you are probably correct. She has a pair but not at breeding age yet
  8. Karen owns a pet shop in Te Awamutu. She has a breeding pair of box tortoise.
  9. When Steph was asking about company l thought she meant with people. I have only one tortoise and it appears to like company with people. Mine will come when called and will eat from you hand. It doesn't seem to mind been touch but it doesn't like been lifted and carried. I am hoping to add to my one tortoise and Repto raise some very good points about keeping them separated....maybe l will just stick to the one tortoise!!!
  10. Hi Steph Greek tortoises are cool and they like company. Are you thinking of bidding for the baby greek on TradeMe?
  11. Hi Steph I have one Hermann tortoise
  12. Can you breed tortoises which are brother and sisters i.e from the same parent?
  13. Hi Livingart, not really interested in the breeding, just a mate for my male. I wouldn't mind get a few babies tortoise instead for $2,000 each
  14. Reptilenutt, do you have the contact details of the person selling tortoises for $1,800 I have been offering up to $10,000 for tortoises but have no takers Thanks
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