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  1. Ah thats a good point. I checked with my LFS for all the other T5s they had and none fit... Figures... :evil:
  2. oops I forgot to check my post for replies! thanks for the info. I have a Juwel tank and would you believe it only Juwel T5 Hilite tubes are the right length to fit in the sockets! so no cheap alternatives unfortunately. My plants are still growing really well although I think that they have slowed down a bit recently. I will probably see how they go and change them if they start looking sad. Thanks Karlos
  3. Hi I have a planted community tank with 4 54w T5 flourescent lights over it. I have read that you should replace them every 12months or so but they are about $50-$60 each! Thats going to cost me in the region of $220. ouch! Does anyone actually do this?? Thanks Karlos
  4. Fantastic!!!!! Is that your tank????? Drool...
  5. Welcome... there are some great people in here.... and always entertaining! Karlos
  6. Hi Neons are a bit fragile for cycling IMHO. I would go for zebra danios... These guys are almost bulletrpoof! karlos
  7. ttk. so sorry to hear about your little friend and I hope everything turns out well. I think I know how you must be feeling because a couple of months ago we had to put our 8 year old chocolate burmese Vincent Vega to sleep because he had kidney failure. I wish our pets could live as long as we do but sadly thats not the way life is. What ever happens you can always remember so many good times you have had together. Vincent still brings a smile to my face every day... good luck Karlos
  8. No I had the same problems... and I double dosed it. In my experience Flourish Excel totally kills BBA but not Hair algae. I was told that it can even make it worse due to adding excess iron... Go figure... I am still trying to get rid of it while dosing excel.. Maybe I can try algae fix with an air pump but I'm wary of this. I figure that if I get my nutrient balance right it will be starved out...
  9. Well adodge he had quite a long danio moustache Maybe he was the fish equivalent of an octagenarian...
  10. Thanks Mitzy. Looks like I need to get a microscope...
  11. Ok, I feel like a five year old asking this, but I every so often I get a fish that just seems to give up the ghost for no apparent reason and I am damned if I can work out why. Yesterday was one of those days. Everything in the tank was cool, ammonia, nitrites and nitrates non existent, all fish happy, plants producing lots of O2, no major upsets or fights. Then just after feeding I see my flame zebra danio zapping around the tank in a fit, struggling to keep upright and hanging in the plants in obvious distress. Although he was in pretty bad shape I got my Hospital tank out and siphoned some tank water in and transferred a filter and heater in. Then I go to rescue the little guy and do you think I can find him?! No way! He had gone to ground. :evil: I did find him a couple off hours later, hanging in the Java moss all pale with both eyes missing (tasty treats for the corys?) Anyway he looked perfectly normal (aside from the eye thing ) No marks, lesions bloat or anything so I am wondering what went wrong?! I realise that we all have to go sometime and I'm not getting all sentimental about it (really I'm not! ) but it would be nice to know why!!! Give me some closure here! I don't think it was water quality, I have rummies and Blue rams that are perfectly happy in the same tank. I was thinking about carrying out a wee fishy post mortem but I really wouldn't know what to look for. So what do you do in these circumstances? Karlos
  12. Hi I have had two blue and two gold rams for the past few months and they are no hassle at all. (Except I came home one day and found both the golden rams sucking on bristlenose fry like they were lollypops!) :evil: The blues are my favourite fish. They are great entertainment. Always on the mooch for dinner and not shy at all. The one with the rose coloured tum is the female. the male will have a crest... good luck! Karlos
  13. I took a look at AD Koning's Book Of Cichlids And All The Other Fishes Of Lake Malawi on Amazon too. It has maps and aerial photos of the areas of the lake! Wow now thats comprehensive.... still I might have to put a few more pennies in the piggy bank, (and accumulate some brownie points! :lol:), before I can afford to get that one... Thanks for the advice though. Maybe it can be a birthday+ xmas present rolled into one... Karlos
  14. Wow thanks! Do you think its best to buy these off amazon. I checked but several that you mention are not available there.
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