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  1. try heating every 3rd one , the heat will conduct into the others, although there might be a few degrees difference
  2. http://www.gcca.net/howto/fish_food.htm
  3. I was thinking about the same problem, I came up with 2 ideas 1) buy an old clock with hands, rip the front off, make a wheel out of knex or something (resembles a waterwheel), arrange both so that the hour hand of the clock turns the wheel (and drops some food in plastic cups on the end of the spokes) once an hour. 2)buy a cheap $5 timer, find something like a cheap fan or something with a motor that turns, tape a plastic cup to the turning thing, and use the timer to put it on for a minuite or something in the middle of the day, (maybe several of these) Never tried either of these, but i was just thinking about it
  4. Update: I think you were right caryl, he seems fine now, i will still keep an eye on him tho thanks
  5. hes up from the bottom now, but stays at the top, in one corner (near the filter) he wont move from the spot, the others are racing round and exploring, but he just stays there, any advice?
  6. I filled a new tank earlier, and just added 3 new zebra danios (to start cycling), 2 are fine, but one just stays on the bottom, breathing heavily tank is 3foot by 1foot, its on the bottom of a 2 tier stand, away from direct light, only fish are 3 zebra danios filtration- sponge, box and internal filter, second hand, but without bacteria pH = 7.4 ish heater set to 24 degrees, but hasnt come on, as temp is ~27 (in brisbane) when i filled it up this morning (6 hours prior to buying fish), i used half new water (dechlorinated) and half from a larger tank above (which has been running for a week, cycling on danios and platties (they are fine)) no ammonia tests, but i changed a bucket of water already, and I dont think ammonia could build up so quickly other 2 fish fine I floated the fishes bag in the tank for 20mins, then added water slowly when he swims it is like is tail is heavy, and it sinks. feed small amount of frozen bloodworm and flake 1 hours after they had been in tank, 9.5 hours later, I noticed this behaviour I added small amount of aquarium salt (~1 teaspoon) turned off air curtain, so he could swim easier I just checked, and he is swiming more now, but still sinking and staying on bottom any ideas appreciated thanks
  7. I was thinking I might make some extra money out of selling live food, my LFS only has crickets and expensive blackworms, microworms/grindal worms are easy to culture and breed, and can be gotton though the mail, so do you think if I packaged some up nicely the LFS would buy some? I havent tried it yet, but I think I might Any ideas?
  8. thanks, we will be living in graveville if that helps (we arent there yet (in case you thought i was just to lazy to go and test my water)) i will breed livebearers regardless of water, if it was hard water than i would also breed tetras (or try anyway), if the water was soft then i would try angelfish and maybe eventually discus thanks again
  9. thanks a lot now i just need a house to put them in
  10. thanks is it the smaller one that costs $40 and can support 150kg? what about the other?
  11. can anyone tell me the size of the bunnings shelves? thanks
  12. this is what i want (but will never get): (scroll down to 'betta barracks') http://www.bcbetta.com/fishroom2.html
  13. looks awesome you should have known that 8 tanks wasnt enough you know wat they say, double or nothing
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