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  1. Hi I thought they were illegal too, if not where can you get them from?
  2. Hi Thought it would be nice to put a piece of driftwood in my turtle tank, so purchased a piece from animates yesterday. Can anyone let me know if this is really okay to put into their tank? asked the staff and they said yes, but then it was animates (I had to remind myself asking and being told yes, was wasted time). Also have no stones or pebbles at the bottom of my tank as read that it helps keep the tank cleaner, wondering if others also do the same?
  3. yes, I wonder why the red too, to be honest?? does it have properties that the other colours don't? and I suppose they are easily sourced from light bulb places??
  4. Hi Can anyone tell me please where I can buy the bulb that you use for turtles to bask under. Was able to purchase from TM a while ago and the price wasn't too bad but that ran out. No sign of them being sold on TM now. I also don't really want to pay the earth as I have seen them in petshops in the past and they are over the top in price. If that's the only option I will pay but just wondering if anyone can "shed some light" on where to obtain a screw in bulb that is a reasonable price (my lamp holder takes up to 100W), in Wellington. thanks
  5. Hi the reason I posted the above is that it is a 7 foot turtle tank, and as it is so heavy and large I cannot move it and I need to hire people to do it. thaks
  6. Hi Can you please tell me what can be used to protect the carpet that my fish tank will be sitting on in the future. It now sits on floorboards but since it will be sitting on carpet there has been panic about water changes and getting the carpet wet. Can someone that has found a really good solution to this problem suggest something that can also look appealing eg. somehting that could be put under the tank that doesn't look tackie like plastic and is not going to cost the earth and pretty sureproof to protect the carpet be suggested? thanks
  7. Hi I have to move from the Eastern suburbs to Lower Hutt and would like some advice on which movers could be realiable to transport my 7 foot tank plus stand. Also could you tell me if when moving I would need to also tansport the water in the tank separately in buckets to the new destination? as I am aware that my filter is biologically running and seasoned well. So bascially does it affect my filter if I use completly new water at my new address when the tank arrives as although it would be easier to not have to transport the old tank water if it means not upsetting the biological filter I'll just have to do it. Also have a fish tank, not as large but does the same also apply to that water? Thanks
  8. Thank you for your reply most helpful, could you also tell me what kind of plant can be feed? I also have been giving a variety of food to my turtles, some is dried is that ok? I have approx 4 different type of dried foods.
  9. Hi Am wondering if it is okay to feed daphnia, brine shrimp and bloodworms to turtles? I feed them to my gold fish so wondered if my turtles could also indulge. A woman at Animates told me that Chris from Hothouse turtles had told her that bloodworms occassionally are okay, but to watch it as apparently they can really get the taste for them and not want to eat anything else. Thanks
  10. Thanks for all your help, I now intend to upgrade when they are both larger to a 5 - 6 foot tank. Maybe, in a year's time. Noticed that my first reeves has definitely had a growth spurt lately. I find it interesting that they really seem to enjoy swimming around alot. Which makes me rather sad and concerned that some turtle keepers don't seem to have enough water in their tanks for their turtles to actually swim around in.
  11. Hi thanks for your replies but could someone please let me know the answer to my first question? What size tank should I have for two fully grown reeves turtles? at the moment they are far from fully grown but just need to know what size I should get in the future for them. Thanks
  12. HI One from Animates in Wellington in October but they apparently waited some 5 years for it to arrive as they were on the "waiting list." The other from Animalz in Wellington as an elderly lady had to give it up as she was going into an old folks home. Both were not cheap a lot more than the RES or snake nexks.
  13. Thanks, okay but if I wanted to keep them housed inside for their lifetime, what size tank is recommended? I am aware that the Reeves is smaller than the RES or snake neck turtle when fully grown.
  14. Hi Can someone please let me know if my four foot tank will be adequate for housing two reeves turtles for their lifetime? I just need to know if I will need to upgrade to a bigger tank in the future. Thanks
  15. Hi I have a baby turtle and am thinking of changing the filter on his tank to a fluval 304 external filter. Question I have are: The tank is two feet long and I have filled it with 50 litres of water and am wondering if the 304 external cannister filter will be too over the top for that size tank and water. the other thing also is I was told that as I have this filter now working on a fish tank for at least two years and it is of course a cycled tank with a mature filer containing good bacteria that I should just move it over to the turtle tank as is. What I need to know is, is the information that I got correct does a turtle need a biological filter going or not? as I thought when cleaning a filter for a turtle tank the aim was to have it clean as pos meaning I thought I would have to wash each basket in the filter as opposed to fish where I would not wash some parts in the filter to keep the good bacteria in. Can someone please tell me what's right for turtle setup please?? The 304 filter also is meant to filter up to 300 litres and of course I only have 50 litres of water in my tank so is it okay to use this filter for the small amount of water in this tank? Also, the filter I have has got ceramic noodles in each compartment and the sponges. If I can use this filter do I need to get rid of some of the noodles and put in carbon or what is the best insides for a turtle filter?? Thanks
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