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Free - 24 fish including starlight bristlenose and angelfish - Wellington, pick up only

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EDIT: fish have been rehomed. It took a long time to approve my membership and message here, and during this time I found new homes for the fish.


I came home last night from a holiday to find a big crack in my tank and not much water left.

There were no casualties luckily and I have put all the fish in two smaller tanks but they can’t stay there for long so I need to move them out ASAP.

I have available:

1 white angelfish

4 cherry barbs

4 cardinal tetra 

2 pristella tetra 

3 harlequin rasbora

1 starlight bristlenose

3 lemon tetra

5 dwarf chain loaches

1 Borneo suckermouth/hillstream loach

They are all a couple of years old except for a couple of the cardinal tetras that I got a couple of months ago.

Pick up Churton Park

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Fish no longer available. Membership/message took too long to be approved
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