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366L Tank Stock help.


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Hi There,

I'm going to set up a 366L tank (122Lx50Wx60H). I was wondering are the bottom tank stock okay for the tank size or would it be overstock. If it might be to small for the below, wonder how many L would be recommended. 

I've got a Aqua One Ocellaris 3000 UVC Canister Filter 

4x Discus

40x Corydoras (mix of sterbei, similes)

10x Rammynose

2x blue phantom pleco



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Personally I think it would be over-stock but I prefer lightly stocked aquariums to start with. You have a larger margin for error if something goes wrong and it is a lot easier to keep the water parameters at their best.

I was looking up blue phantoms, as I know nothing about them, but the article I read says they prefer a fast flowing water oxygen-rich environment to do well and fast flow does not suit discus. Phantoms also need a mature aquarium so couldn't be added straight away anyway. They also prefer a lower temperature than discus, which are better at higher temps.

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