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Captain Beardy

Silvertip Tetras spawnig but no fry?

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Help! I watched the eggs scatter, watched them in the Java moss. I didn't see them eating many and I separated that night. I covered the tank and switched the filter off.

Don't understand?

Any ideas??

I was pretty hopeful I might of cracked it already. The fish definitely worked hard!

Love some feed back.

Hope everyone is staying safe and doing their bit. Good time to watch some fish.


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Thank you, will put a mask on an get some distilled water. A scatter yesterday but could do nothing but watch them all get eaten. Have a solo pair in today. Less mouths more eggs? 

Loving the action, something so cool about watching eggs rain down. almost sounds a little weird. Guess fish people would understand. Have a friend who bought some Cichlids. He has lost two fish. Are they a little more advanced? Will let you know when I get some fry. 



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The best way to breed fish that are egg scatterers is to make a tray with fine netting on the bottom and short legs so there is room for the eggs to fall out the bottom. You can then spawn a group and save the eggs. 

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