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Free: Bristlenose needs retirement home - comes with plants! (Christchurch)


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Hello! I’ve got one last lonely occupant of my tank who needs to be rehomed, tank must be shut down. Tank has been run at about 23-24c.

She’s an older bristlenose, fairly small, standard variety (dark with spots) probably just under 15 years. Healthy and eats well. I just really need this aquarium out of my way as we are now out of town on a semi regular basis. I could dispatch it but I think that would be an awful thing to do!

Taker can also have the anubias (a small variety but I can’t verify the type). Leaves a little unhealthy since my last bulb change, but good healthy roots and rhizomes and will easily sprout fresh growth and divide up nicely. 6 large pieces but will cut up into more. I also have a good bunch of very small Java fern pieces  which will be great to get established on some driftwood or whatnot! Any food I have left can go as well. I have some old micro-pellets, some vege wafers and an old but unopened pack of spirulina flakes. Might be a few plecotabs left but I’m running out which is why I’m looking to rehome as this what it normally gets fed.

Please get in touch if you’re interested!

Pickup cashmere hill area. Thanks!


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