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Bell Frog tank cleaning

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I am new to this forum so it may have been answered before. We are thinking of getting/raising a couple of Frogs in Spring when there is tadpoles. One thing that I am still somewhat unclear on is what kind of cleaning/upkeep will be required once the vivarium is occupied. Does it need to be completely emptied and cleaned on a regular basis? Or is it just a case of changing the water in the frog pool? Also I was thinking of putting a little waterfall in there - is that a done thing?

Thank you for any help.

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Hi and welcome Frosch. Hopefully you will soon get a helpful response from frog breeder, Alan Minnery.

I don't have frogs myself but my daughter in law does and I don't think she cleans out the entire vivarium.

If you want to put in a waterfall then do so. No such thing as a "done thing" unless the thing is going to harm the critter sharing the space, which I don't think a small waterfall will do.

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