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New Big tank need to be fulled

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Hi, help needed please. I'm setting up a bigg tank (170litre) I will be putting a 2 Angle fish, 1 starlight  pelco, a 3 little noens. The tank with have a large driftwood piece and a few plants. 

But my question is that what, fish would be a good addition ( and that are great colours) as the tank is in the main living room and everyone will see it. So I'm wanting it fun to look at. 

Thanks for any help😉

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170L is not a big tank from a stocking point of view so you will be limited in your choice of inhabitants. 

What you add may depend on the angels' behaviour. If they turn out to be a pair they will attack anything else every time they breed and in a tank that size there will be few places the other fish can get away from them as they will consider the whole tank as their territory to be defended. You will need more than a few plants for other fish to hide behind.

3 little neons will not be noticeable as they are a shoaling fish so need to be in a larger group (10 or more). With just 3, they will not stick together and not show at their best.

I would make the angels the feature fish and add a shoal of smaller fish for movement and colour eg tetras or barbs. These also need to be a good sized group so they are too busy keeping each other in their place they don't have time to get nippy with the other inhabitants.

As you are just setting the tank up, by the time it matures (6 months) you will know how the angels are behaving and be in a better position to consider what else to add but if they are put in first they will probably dominate anything else added later even if they don't pair up.

I love a tank of shoaling species (like tetras, rasboras, barbs etc) as they move in a totally different way in a large group and are always out and about. They are also egg layers so you won't be inundated with fry as you would with live bearers like guppies and platies.

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