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help! Dwarf cichlid with "hole" in head

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We've had this young male for about a month now and he's been in a little quarantine tank.  Initially with two females.  They ganged up on one female (the larger of the two)  who went into hiding and wouldn't eat so she has been removed to another and will only eat live brine shrimp.  She doesn't look great, nothing specific but just overall condition less than ideal. Hoping she will improve when her appetite does.

my concern is with this male.

He acts normally , eats anything but has this "hole " on the top of the head which started as a little white patch.  I treated water with stress guard and then paraguard and am dosing daily.
It looks like something took a bite from him but it isnt red and doesn't appear infected. 

However after a week its not getting better , what should be my next steps?

The remaining female in the tank with him is fine and has laid two batches of infertile eggs.  They are both young, she's very little but has yellowed up a bit and has a nice pudgy belly. 

cichlid m c.jpg

cichlid m b.jpg

cichlid M a.jpg

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