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Green and golden bell frogs hibernating? Advice please


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We are first time frog owners

We had eight frogs that morphed Jan/Feb. We ended up with 4 one eyed , 3 two eyes and one no eyed. I was quite amazed that the no eyed one (Stevie) has survived so far. we have kept him separately and hand fed him.

Over the last couple of weeks I have noticed that they are all eating less and Stevie would go for a few days without a feed.

Just over a week ago I gave Stevie and one of the one eyed frogs to a friends daughter. Since she has had Stevie he hasn't eaten a thing and she is getting rather worried. He is in the same tank he lived in here but now has another frog in with him. The other frog is eating .

The room I had them in gets quite warm in the afternoon and at the new place they have the tank on an enclosed veranda. so it would be colder

I wondered if he is just going into hibernation. The other frogs here are sitting around on the land part of their tank ( usually they spend most of the time in the water) hardly moving or eating.

How long does hibernation last ? Will they not eat at all?

Some of the frogs are looking rather thin- how long can they live for without eating?

Stevie"s tank has an inch of water in it and several large rocks and plants for them to climb on. He used to spend a lot of time in the water. Will he need more land area if he is hibernating?

Thanks for any advice- I really want reassurance and facts about hibernation for my friends daughter as she is worried that Stevie will die and she feels responsible.

One eyed frog.

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i have about 30 sothern bells almost 2 years old now, and noticed they dont or cant really feed if they are too cold. they may attempt to catch food but will spit it out.

im in dunedin and have most of them in a sun warmed tank, so they were too cold to eat for about 3 or 4 months. as long as they stay cold and keep there metabolism low they should be fine.

that doesnt sound like the problem though, i originally bought 4 tadpoles from the pet shop which were green frogs from taranaki.one survived metamorphosis but was small. it got sicker and was very hard to feed, eventually it died.

you need to start with massive healthy over fed tadpoles if you want any chance of success. and beware of diseased animals

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