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tank building


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whadda ya need to know? im getting a 5 footer (1500mm) tank built right now and 'Pies' is getting an 8 footer made. im sure one of us will be able to help after talking to the "tank maker" :) Otherwise PM 'Warren' as Im pretty sure he's onto it when it comes to this stuff.

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Preposed tank size is 1.1 X 700 x 1.0 roll out tray in the back of the tank feeding a sump and de filter with under gravel returns threw several jets . compressed air feeds into an under several under gravel jets . Tank coners are to renforced with a brass coner moulding in the way the old stile tanks where made.

all in tank fittings ( internal ) r to be glass tube bent and custom fitted on sight This will consist of several custom pieces joined by rubber tube for easy removal .

your thoughts please

what bracing ???

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