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How to make a raised bank/River bank/paladarium


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Has anyone got a good way to make a Raised dirt or sand bank?

Kinda like a river bank, with a grass and small mangroves or something. Its mainly to make my 4 foot tank a bit different and for the lil bugs to sit in becuase im getting some archerfish soon. :D

Any ideas on this? Or even for creating a natural enviroment for a Archerfish or Figure Eight puffers

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Yeah, that looks great!


I would suggest using rocks or driftwood to get the slope and height, then poking small containers with plants at the top - unless you want to silicone in a glass shelf to hold them.

There is a great book called The Natural Aquarium (it might be by Takashi Amano) which features a couple of tanks like this.

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Get some semi rigid plastic covered mesh... a bit like "Gutter Guard" or something from the garden centre.

10mm square hole size would be ideal.. and the colour doesn't matter.. as it will be hidden eventually.

Hold it over some heat.. or use a heat gun to distort and crumple it to a desired shape.

Let it cool.. the "KNIT" some carpet type plant into it... like Nittella... or Riccia... plus there's another type of spreader that I can't think of... but using this method you can poke any plant through the holes and they will thrive.. a bit like an aqua hydroponic setup :)

Choose the right mesh.. and don't make it too flimsy.

Once the plant takes hold it spreads like mad, and you will soon have a living wall that you can bend and shape to suit your needs.

Small rocks could be bound on with fishing line.. or stainless steel wire, and these will also blend in nicely once the plant takes hold.

Let your imagination run wild.... there are no rules :):)

If you want to add some substrate... then attach a plate of perspex under the mesh and add support as needed.


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