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Does anyone breed tetras?


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I've bred a tetra (yes that's right a whole one type of tetra :D ) - the glass blood fin tetra (Prionobrama friligera) the fry were really cool as they were colourless but with red 'demon' eyes.

I want to try and breed all the types of fish I have in my tanks - it's just a lack of breeding/grow tanks that keeps me in check. I'm hoping you can offer some advice about the tetras I have (and hence want to breed):

The types I have are: Black Phantom tetras (Megalamphodus magalopterus though now I think it's valid scientific name is Hyphessobrycon megalopterus), Cochu blue tetras (Boehlkea fredcochui) and yellow congo tetras (Alestopetersius caudalis).

Do you have any experience breeding these? Also generally are all tetra eggs extremely light sensitive (keep hearing about neons and cardinals requiring a totally dark tank during egg development).

Also do you have experience breeding hatchet fish - by books mention that they are easy to breed providing the correct conditioning food is available (ie insects on the surface) - I haven't got around to ordering my wingless fruitfly culture yet (it's on the 'to-do' list).

I didn't mean this to turn into an interigate Virgil session but it seems to have turned into one any way.

While I remember - welcome to the NZ fishroom.

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I have spawned the Black Phantom. It was about 12 years ago. I didnt have an RO unit back then, so I was able to do it with my house water supply which is quite hard and alkaline.

Apparently, all tetras eggs are somewhat sensitive to light, but the only fish eggs that I have put in total darkness have been for neon tetra. Other fish eggs I just shade from direct bright light.

I have yet to try any hatchets, but I do plan on trying the marble hatchet at some point.

I will try to offer you any advice I can. I guess that is the best use of a forum of this name.

I have no experience with the fruit flys though I understand they are quite good. I have had a lot of luck conditioning my fish with a beefheart mixture, BBS, and a good quality flake. In the past I have collected live pond food, and I intend to do that again soon, though this year is looking so dry, finding ponds may be difficult.

I just may culture some mosquito larvae in by back yard this summer much to the dismay of my nieghbors.

Thanks for your welcome.


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