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  1. Hi everyone! just wondering if anyone knows of any local streams and rivers to explore in the north shore/Auckland region. I'm not looking to swim anywhere of course but I love all the ecosystem aspects of rivers and streams so wondering if anyone has good places to explore. Thanks
  2. Very late to this thread, but any chance of letting me know the source? I'm from Auckland and really keen on exploring some local water sources but don't know where to start
  3. Hi, im super keen to buy some water poppy (hydrocleys nymphoides) for my patio pond. Will pickup or pay post. EDIT Unwanted organism https://aquariumworld.nz/databases/1-plants/90-Hydrocleys-nymphoides
  4. Looking to buy a banana lily, ive seen some listing on trade me previously but no current ones now. Doesn't have to be in Auckland as I will pay shipping. Want it for my small patio pond.
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