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  1. No worries, nothing to be sorry for - I should have picked it up sooner. Rest are looking well, they have had two treatments now and aside from a little flashing are looking fine and still eating heartily. Its my first time owning Discus, I didn't realise how sensitive the smaller ones were to flukes 😓 again thanks for your offer of help, fingers crossed it goes a better from now on.
  2. Hi Jake, sorry for the late reply, was waiting to be approved as a user on this site. Thanks so much for the offer, unfortunately they passed this weekend - I started treating them with flubendozole but I didn't start soon enough, and they were so small they just weren't strong enough to survive 😪 the remaining 4 are doing really well, but I am gutted I didn't pick it up sooner as I think they would have been fine if I had. All the best, Jo
  3. Hi, I have 7 young discus (about 6 months old). I have had the discus for about 3 months, daily wc’s 50% and feeding 6x per day. I have also treated for worms/flukes a couple of times. 4 of the discus are looking great, but 3 are still the same size as when I purchased them (about 2.5 inches), and have recently stopped eating. I don’t have a quarantine tank to put them in to treat them separately and I don’t want to euthanise them if they have a chance of surviving. This is my first time looking after discus and I don’t have the knowledge to treat them properly, and wanted to ask if there was anyone who would want to adopt the 3 smaller discus if they were able to give them a better chance at surviving. Completely understand if this post doesn’t get any interest, just thought I would give it a try rather than just watching them get worse :( thanks, Jo
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