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  1. Hi Jenz, I saw you mention that in the FNZAS facebook page. I am flying to Christchurch, so won't be able to drop off on my way down, sorry. I am leaving this Wednesday, and my tank needs to be taken down ASAP, so I'll be taking the fish to Hollywood Fish Farm Mt Roskill. If anyone else is interested, they'll be there.
  2. As per the title, I have four male Apistogramma Trifasciata for sale. Selling as am moving to Canterbury for University in a few weeks. $25 per fish, and includes as much dwarf hairgrass and dwarf sag as you like. They are all around 2-3cm and about a year old. Pick up is preferred. I am in the Pakuranga area of Auckland. Buy as a group or a single fish. https://www.seriouslyfish.com/species/apistogramma-trifasciata/ Easily the strangest type in the apistogramma family, with strict hierarchies for both genders, and non-bond forming. The alpha male has extended dorsal spines, a yellow head and a blue sheen to his body. Females and beta males are typically grey and smaller than alpha males. Females will fight each other for territory and spawning locations, when in condition will turn a bright yellow. I've had the opportunity to spawn these, and they are the most rewarding fish I have kept. I am happy to negotiate terms of loaning a female until further notice if you are interested.
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