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  1. The tank is well established as originally had tadpoles in it. Once they left 1/4 of the water was kept as I'd lowered it as they turned into frogs and were released. I just have water snails, plecos and one neon tetra remaining now. I put a sponge bit over the end of filter now. I got a new betta fish and doing ok so far. The tank is so clean that with 10% water changes the tank is not looking dirty at all ever. I did do a ph test at the shop...dont kno much about tests...it was within the right range... sorry I cant remember what number...keep thinking was it 7? The line was probably the 2nd darkest color on the chart the guy had at the shop.
  2. I'm adding a few more plecos to my tank. These ones are babies from someone's pond. My tank is tropical. My understanding is they prefer the tropical water but will they acclimatize ok to the sudden change?
  3. Hi. I have a tropical tank. I firstly put pleco in it which are doing well. I then got some neon tetras and a betta fish. The tank is the aqua one eco style 61. The filter seems to have killed my betta, he was stuck to it dead. Is there a different attachment i can get for these filters or should i install a different filter? We really want a betta as the main feature fish so seeing their long fins as an ongoing issue Thanks for your help
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