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  1. thank you for the reply Donna, yes, i can get those foods up here, ill slowly swap those out in his diet. thats interesting about the rocks, i removed the harder stones, but there is one quite soft and weathered volcanic rock that he scratches his shell on. Ive been led to believe this is normal behavior, i only see it every couple of days, would you recommend removing his scratching rock as well? Unfortunately i have no good photos of his old tank setup, and i have already taken down the basking area to set up a new one. how much above water space would you recommend? ill post photos when finished. Cheers, Hamish
  2. hi, im new to keeping reptiles, and my baby red eared slider has developed some small spots on his shell. i had the water tested, and it was fine, although ph was slightly low, and the scutes are just starting to separate on the ridge on his back, so i think hes about to start shedding. The edge scutes of his shell turned a little lighter in colour a few days ago, his shell smells fine and no soft or brittle patches. He gets a diet of turtle sticks and bloodworms, with the occasional shimp pellet, and eats some of the plants in his tank, and the water is kept at 24C. I made a change to his basking area, and he can certainly get out of the water, but i think the change from a rock to a ramp may have discouraged him, this was about a week ago He has a reptile uvb bulb and heat lamp. please help me with my turtle, theres no vets anywhere near me that knows what a turtle is. cheers, Hamish
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