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  1. Thanks so much for reply. I did actually order kanamycin. Unfortunately with covid etc it arrived too late for the ones in hospital. From what I understand it can help depending on the stage the fish is at (internal organ damage etc). But I understand it does not cure, at best suppresses the bacteria. But I have it on hand now - so will be using it first next time - and sadly, I'm sure there will be a next time!
  2. Yes I can only imagine. Have read about goldfish (and indeed in the Sweden study goldfish were found positive) but is strange in itself as the bacteria is not supposed to like the cold. But, it's a very resilient bacteria I guess. Thanks for your comments.
  3. Are you familiar with it, seen it etc or?
  4. Agreed. My assumption is its just far from our mind. Every symptom has a more "common", or dare I say it socially acceptable possibility ie skin lesions/ulcers, bent backs etc. Whereas in the states at least, its a common subject with many (certainly within the rainbow fish keepers).
  5. I appreciate your reply and links. Have done a lot of extensive reading on the subject. Its actually fairly dismal if you focus on it too much as it's not preventable and present in most systems. Sweden did a case study and found something like 84% of stock in petshops were infected. Most, of course, not showing any visual signs. For knowledge, the only thing to kill it, is acetic acid between 6 and 8% strength (apparently vinegar on shelf is about 5). Incredible to me that chlorine, uv light, even drying out tanks/equipment isn't enough to kill it.
  6. Hi, Via Facebook Rainbowfish group, many have signaled i most likely have a mycobacteria infection on a couple of my fish - see photos. These are 2 of the original fish in my 5yo tank, with the most recent additions circa 1yr ago. I have recently moved my whole collection over to a new bigger environment. My old tank I was planning on setting up with some big cichlids. The infected fish have been like this for a couple of months. Originally, I suspected damage caused by 2x large SAE - and removed them accordingly. But, with no improvement, I now have these fish in a hospital tank where I have just finished a course of Furan 2, and have some Indian leaves in water to try help healing. Where do I go from here? Anything else to try for these fish - or time to euthanise? What about all my other fish? What about my old tank? Do I actually need to strip it down and bleach it? Or? What about my own health? It seems so rarely discussed in nz so wondering if anyone can point me in some right directions. Should note, the fish are eating well and still have lots of energy despite their damage. Thank you
  7. Fantastic THank you very much for providing this - I hope others take advantage. I already knew I wanted rainbow fish - but can't decide what ones.
  8. Yea well I didnt quite go sand.............. Already loving wavemaker. Heaters need to do their thing now. Now bring on the plants.
  9. Progress :- Tonight I have opened the Fluval FX6, Wavemaker Wp40. I am removing the oh so pretty gravel and replacing with river sand tomorrow. Went to Auckland Thursday - most impressed with Hollywood Fish Farm in Mt Roskill in regards to selection and price. Their Albany store I believe to be bigger and better. Polypterus, Knife, Bosemani Rainbow, Clown loach, gold negget plec (or such like) As far as I have got so far. If anyone is trimming their plants PLEASE PM me as I have a large area to plant up!!!!
  10. Yes I think I follow. Draw from one end - feed pipes to other end of the tank then feed back in? When going back into tank its going in free I take it? (Not into another partition or?) So could use an inline pump type - just use hose?
  11. Tank is 45cm high - so yes might not suit discus as much? That wp40 definitely is a good pick!! Im toyed now - strength of powerhead will dictate type of fish and vice versa or? But if the water cant circulate length of tank my hand will be forced anyway I guess. Thanks people - enjoying the different approaches.
  12. Great suggestion. Yes I had thought about a powerful internal cannister - but think the powerhead could be a good way to go. I dont want to replicate huka falls, I had hoped fx6 was better than made out here. I owned the fx5 on a 500l tank - felt it did a good job. Googling powerheads now
  13. Yes time will tell on that one. Fx6 has the specs - but what flow will be felt 2m along I dont know. Certainly hoping its enough for the job.
  14. Looked up fire or tire eel - pretty cool. Read one guy had a bgk with one - but yes have never owned or thought about eel. He may like a tank like this. As for polypterus - again they look suited to a long tank - very cool idea. Any thoughts on landscape. What do I do to back of tank - all ive done is hang some different coloured sheets to see what looks good. Would there be a lamintae pic that would look authentic enough?
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