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  1. I am aware that this is a really old topic but I am sure that people still refer to this. Adtape which is the accepted liquid for for Praziquantal is 37.5 grams per litre ie 37500 milligrams per Litre or 37.5 mg per milliliter. if you treat a 100 Litre tank max dose is 2 mg per L so you want 200mg of prazi 200/37.5 gives a dose of 5.33ml at 10 mg per litre you would get to 26.6 but this is a very high dose. When importing fish we use the MPI approved dosage rates to eliminate cestodes of fish Praziquantel base at ≥ 1 mg/L for 24 hrs would require 2.6 ml per100L for 24 hrs Praziquantel base at ≥ 4 mg/L for 12 hrs or 10.5 ml per 100l for 12 hours Both doses having the same efficacy. We therefore given the cost and desire to adversely affect the fish use the 1 ml dosage. Once is enough for Cestodes. If you are hoping to address other issues or you have ongoing issues I would suggest an interval of 7 days over 4 doses at 24 hours. We have tried the maximum dosage at 10 mg per L and nearly always ends in a death or two and has been found to be unnecessary.
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